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Sunday, March 13, 2011


We were heading in to the grocery store and Luke and Noah, not unusual, started saying "hi" to everyone they were seeing. One gentleman looked like he had seen much better times smiled at Luke and Noah's greeting. He stopped us and wanting to talk to the boys. He asked Luke and Noah what their names were. He was happy to see some little people and said he had a couple of grandkids himself. I was tickled to see how friendly Luke and Noah are. He told Luke and Noah what nice boys they were and started talking to me a little about his life. He said that he had been divorced but that was dating a lady who he was in love with. He told me that he was missing her because she had been doing training to be a medical assistant. It made me happy to know that this man was having some happiness in his life. He thanked me for the kindness we showed to him and said that we were the "real deal." I really think the "real deal" are Luke and Noah because to be honest, I wouldn't have given this man a second look. He looked like he had been really down on his luck and possibly homeless. But, Luke and Noah as children were able to look past all that to see the human and son of God that he is. I'm always amazed at the things my children teach me about life and being good people. I think that's what Christ means when he admonishes us to be as little children.

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Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

How sweet! I can see Luke and Noah doing that. I hope all is going well for you! We are still coming to Virginia the end of the summer. Very exciting. Where do you live at right now? Take care!